We have been rigorously working towards development of a continent ostomy management platform that aims to offer ostomates not just the better control of stool evacuation but also the confidence to live freely and enjoy every bit of life without any hassle and compromises. We have designed and developed two unique devices named Actura and Leona for both colostomy and ileostomy users. Actura and Leona, both the products are patented and are being clinically evaluated.

Stay tuned for more information and reach out to us to know more about our technology. 

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Continent, Pouchless & Safe

Continent - Full Control over stool release

Pouch-less - Live upto 12 hrs without pouch

Discreet Design - 60% smaller than pouch

Safe & Secure- Protects stoma from injury

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Actura is intended for left colostomates. The device can be simply attached to a base plate/wafer and can be replaced every 15 days or earlier. Actura is a novel pouch-less, continent ostomy management system that allows you to live a life without constantly wearing pouch. It also enables you to do many things in your life which otherwise were so difficult to imagine such as participating in sports like cricket, skiing, hiking, tennis and the list goes on..

It also helps bring your confidence back, you can mingle with anyone, go on a date or social gatherings, enjoy your intimate moments like never before without worrying about pouch being full or stool leakage. It promises a new way of living a healthy and hygienic life.

Pouch hanging!

Not Anymore


Continent, Pouchless & Safe

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Leona is intended for both colostomates and ileostomates. Leona is an insertable device and can be used upto 28 days before requiring change. Leona prevents stool to come in contact with the skin and hence reduces incidence of skin corrosion. 

Leona is completely pouch-less with an integrated continent system that allows you to live a life without requiring to wear an adhesive backed pouches. Leona is fully water proof and can safely be worn while bathing, swimming etc. You can freely enjoy rains, showers and swim in public without a sense of fear. 



Live large with full control over your bowel evacuation. Release stool as and when needed with a simple rotation of a dial. 

No More 

Skin Excoriation 

Freedom from all your skin issues associated with leaky bags. No more stool leaks and damaged skin!

Hanging Pouches!

Not Anymore

Get rid of pouches hanging from the abdomen. Choose Leona to live a pouch-less life.